About Us

Background Story

Fipper Indonesia started in Kuta - Bali in 2014. There were a demand for good, comfortable slippers with affordable price.

Since then, we now have more than a dozen outlets in Bali alone. We have expanded to Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung and many more.


Why They Love Fipper?

We believe we have gained customers' trust. We have always produce quality products at low cost so that everyone can enjoy affordable comfortable slippers. We use 100% natural rubber to ensure maximum comfort for our customers. Not only that Fipper is functional but we make sure our style is always up to date.

There is always something for everyone. Fipper is available for all age, even for toddlers as young as 8 months. There are plenty to choose from since our classic yet vibrant designs provide a modern take on the natural rubber experience. Our flip flops and sandals also feature extra arch support and a slip-resistant sole, making them an effortless mix of comfort and style that’s great for indoor and outdoor use.


Join The Family

Fipper takes pride in our loyal fanbase, who have proved over time that they value the quality and care that we put in our products. In fact, several of our business partners are Fipper lovers who decided to open their Fipper stores in their territory. We are not stopping there! We continue to find partners who have the same passion for footwear that is geared towards comfort and style. Get in touch with us to find out how to be the newest Fipper business partner today!